Although a touch screen monitor is not mandatory it really does show off this product in its most impressive state when used on your premises. The monitor can be wall mounted with standard VESA brackets with all cables discretely hidden to a small wall mounted PC for the most impressive look.

Touch Screen Monitors should ideally be 17" or greater and be set up for 800x600 dpi resolution and used with Internet Explorer kiosk mode for maximum security. If using a widescreen format monitor, such as an all-in-one then we recommend at least a 22 inch display.

Our support pages have a document showing how to set this up step by step.

Alternatively the All-in-One PC's with touch screens are now very popular. These are PC's that have the computing power built into a touch screen monitor, usually in wide screen format. These devices also tend to include a wireless Internet connection which is great for flexibility in placing such a unit on a wall anywhere in your premises.

The specification for any PC will always be a base model as the only requirement is that it runs a standard web browser which uses very little memory or disc space.We would however reccomend either Windows Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 with iE 11.0 or Edge for use with a touchscreen monitor.