How Does it Work?

Simply find a Sponsor and configure custom images and messges to your sites pages and emails through the friendly Admin Panel

All you need to do is to find a local Sponsor. This could be a local resturant, sports shop, garage, building company etc. Then configure the sponsorship options in the Adminstrator' Panel, providing a customised message or image on the front page of your web site, you can also create customised messages that will appear on the footer of each email that is sent out confirming court bookings.

If you look at the top header of the demo system page you will see it is sponsored by a fictious Sports Shop called 'Heptathlon', this will be the same header for all of your web pages for this service.

The following image shows a example of the email format sent out with a Sponsorship Message:


As we want your page to look and feel as professional as possible we can help you in making sure your images and text look and feel professional, helping to maximise on your sponsorship revenue, log a support call to find out how we can help.

Terms of use

If you wish to use the option of sponsorship it is the responsibility of the club to manage the relationship with the Sponsor and agree terms such as payment and length. eBookingOnline will not deal directly with any sponsors nor does it have any interest in this relationship and provides no warranties.

eBookingOnline reserve the right to remove any offensive, illegal or unsuitable advertising for a sporting system at our discretion without notice. In such cases will not be financially resposible for any loss.